Warning! This project is intended for education on medicinal plants and not as a medical source for self-treatment. Several medicinal plants presented here contain toxic ingredients and may be allergic or poisonous. I will not be held responsible for claims arising from their inappropriate use. Please do not attempt self-diagnosis or self treatment. Always consult your doctor or medical personnel

Abelmoschus esculentus

common name: Okra
Cures: joint pains

Preparation & use: cut fresh fruits into small pieces & boil in water and some salt plus other green vegetables or any kind of food. Eat together with the soup

Abrus precatorius

Common name: Cat's eye

Cures: Snake bite, gonorrhea, lack of sexual desire in women

 Abutilon grandiflorum

cures: headache, placenta expulsion, stops vomiting, eye inflammation

Adenia cissampeloides

Cures: Severe malaria characterized by vomiting

Preparation & use: get fresh leaves, crush and mix with cold water. Then strain and drink the liquid

Aerva lanata

Cures: snake bite, bad odors, sore eyes, skin diseases, stops lactation in women, expels excess heat from the body

Albizia gummifera

Cures: constant headache

Preparation & use: get the roots then remove the outer layer. Crush the inner layer and then put 3-4 drops of the liquid generated into the nose of the patient

Alchornea cordifolia

Common name: Christmas bush
Cures: snake bite, malaria, ear infection, kidney disorders

 Aloe barbadensis

Common name: Aloe
Cures: Malaria, fever, skin diseases, stops bleeding, scar remover, de-wormer

Preparation & use for malaria and fever: Boil fresh leaves in water for about half an hour. Give one teaspoonful of the cooled liquid to a child and two spoonfuls for adults daily

Aristolochia serpentaria

Cures: snake bite

Artocarpus heterophylus

Common name: Jack fruit

Use: eating the ripe friuts improve manhood

Aspilia mossambicensis

Cures: stomach pain

Preparation & use: crush fresh leaves and soak in water. Strain and drink 1/2 glass once a day.

Azadirachta indica

Common name: Neem tree

Cures: cough, malaria, unbalanced urine flow, antibiotic, spermicidal

Bidens pilosa

Common name: Black jack

Cures: malaria, fever, headache, cuts & wounds

Preparation & use for cuts and wounds: get a handful of leaves and squeeze between your fingers. Drop the liquid formed onto a clean wound or cut

Boerhavia diffusa

Cures: constipation, addiction to alcohol

Bothriocline tomentosa

Cures: abdominal pain, cough, diarrhea, stops vomiting

Carica papaya

Common name: Pawpaw

Cures: gassy stomach, worm infection

Preparation & use: Select seeds from a ripe fruit. Adults swallow 7 seeds and children 4 seeds

Cassia occidentalis

Cures: abdominal pain (especially due to worms)

Preparation & use: Dig out the roots and wash them clean with water. Then just chew the clean  roots

Centella asiatica

Cures: headache, ulcers, swelling of tissue due to fluid accumulation, supports brain function

Chenopodium opulifolium

Cures: measles, abdominal pain in children

Clerodendrum rotindifolia

Cures: headache, kills worms (de-wormer), coughs, boils & swellings

Combretum molle

Common name: Velvet combretum

Cures: leprosy, stomachache, skin rashes (big spreading rashes)

Preparation & use for rash treatment: cook the bark of the tree in water. Let it cool then strain and some drink the liquid. Bathe the entire body with the remaining cooled liquid.

Cyperus erecta

Cures: measles, sores, cough, headache, skin diseases

Datura stramonium

Cures: constant pain around the waist area, poison

Preparation and use: use a razor blade to smake small cuts aroud the waist to allow blood to flow out. The crush fresh leaves and rub over the entire area around the waist.

D. integrifolia and R. communis

Cures: fever

Preparation and use: boil fresh leaves of D. integrifolia then add leaves of  R. communis and let the mixture cool. Pour the mixture in a basin and cover your head in the basin using a blanket. Also drink some of the cooled liquid and use som for bathing

Dracaena steudneri

Common name: Dragon's blood tree

Cures: Cough, syphilis

Preparation & use for cough treatment: Mix dry leaves of D. steudneri and C. papaya (pawpaw) then burn to ashes. Add small amount of lake salt to the ash. Add some little water to the ash plus salt mixture then drink the mixture

Preparation and use for syphilis treatment: Crush sizeable amount of the bark of the tree and boil in water for about an hour. Let it cool then strain and drink the liquid

Drymaria cordata

Cures: headache, malaria, chest pain

Entada abyssinica

Cures: rashes that develop on babies around three weeks after birth.

Preparation and use: Boil leaves and bark together in water. Let the mixture cool till lukewarm then use it to bath the baby.

Eucalyptus globulus

Common name: Eucalptus

Cures: cough and fever

Preparation & use: boil fresh young leaves in water for half an hour. Strain and drink the liquid.

Ficus natalensis

Common name: bark cloth fig

Cures: cough, bloody diarrhea, unclear throat, bed wetting

Galinsoga parviflora

Common name: McDonalds weed

Cures: diarrhea, colds, sores

Hibiscus acetosella

Common name: Mask mallow

Cures: as a blood tonic (blood purifier), less blood in the body

Preparation & use: cook fresh leaves in water mixed with some salt and drink the warm liquid

Hoslundia opposita

Common name: Bird gooseberry

Cures: gives appetite to a patient who has recovered from fever

Preparation & use: Boil fresh leaves in water. Let it cool then strain and drink the liquid.

Indigofera spicata

Common name: Creeping indigo

Cures: stomachache, cough & sore throat, excessive bleeding in women

Ipomoea batatas

Cures: snake bite

Preparation & use: crush the leaves and mixed with cold water.Strain then drink a reasonable amount of the liquid.

Imperata cylindrica

Common name: Spear grass

Cures: stomach and mouth sores, measles, protrudung of the rectum or vagina

Jatropha curcas

Common name: Fig nut

Cures: fresh cuts & wounds. Aslo cures tetanus, constipation, snake bite, kidney disorders, and chest pain

Preparation & use: Get sap from the leaf or stem and apply directly onto the clean wound or cut

Kalanchoe glaucescens

Cures: fever, extended menstral  periods

Kalanchoe pinnata

Cures: swelling of the lymph glands, swelling of the liver, periodic sharp pain in the body

Lantana trifolia

Cures: swelling of the eye

Leonatis mollisima

Common name: Lion's ear

Cures: digestive disorder, stops bleeding, stops swelling on the body, difficulty swallowing due to throat infection.

Preparation & treatment of throat infection: Crush fresh green leaves and mixed with cold water. Strain and drink 1/2 glass twice a day

Mangifera indica

Common name: Mango

Cures: Cough, diarrhea

Preparation & use for cough: chew fresh young leaves or flowers daily. Alternatively, boil fresh leaves & bark in water, let it cool, strain and drink the decoction

Preparation and use for diarrhea: get some bark and  crush into small pieces then add water. Strain and drink the liquid.

Marrubium vulgare

Common name: White horehound

cures: severe malaria characterized by shaky body (severe muscle contraction)

Preparation and use: get fresh leaves and flowers and crush together. Then let the patient sniff several times.

Maytenus senegalensis

Cures: Ulcers (used in combination with Combretum molle, Hoslundia opposita & Grewia mollis)

Preparation and use: obtain barks of combretum molle, Maytenus senegalensis, Grewia mollis and leaves of Hoslundia opposita. Crush them all together and boil in water for about an hour. Let it cool then strain the mixture. Drink a glass of the liquid three times a day

Mentha cardifolia

Common name: Garden mint

Cures: cough, cold, excess gas in the stomach

Mimosa pudica

Cures: measles

Preparation & use: crush a reasonable amount of leaves, add reasonable amount of water, and boil. Allow to cool then mix reasonable amount of ghee and rub to the area that has rashes. Repeat till rashes disappear

Ocimum suave

Cures: flu, stomachache, eye infection, and hypertension

Preparation & use for flu treatment: squeeze enough fresh leaves between your fingers and hands then sniff. Repeat the practice everyday until flu disappears.

Opuntia spps

Common name: Cactus

Cures: lack of proper reasoning due to disturbed mind (paranoid psychosis)

Oxalis corniculata

Cures: toothache, scars

Oxygonum sinuatum

Cures: elephantiasis, skin inflammation due to infection, sweeling of the eye membrane

Paullinia pinnata

Cures: snake poison (anti-venom), allergy, intestinal worms (de-wormer)

Pavonia patens (malvaceae)

Cures: bloody diarrhea

Preparation and use: Crush fresh leaves and soak in cold water. Strain and drink 1/4 liter of the liquid three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening)

Pennistum purpureum

Common name: Elephant grass

Cures: measles

preparation and use: Regularly chew the stem and swallow the juice. In addition, eat 'mukene' (small fish from the chichlidae family) cooked without salt. Also drink urine occasionally

Phytolacca dodecandra

Cures: painful contraction of muscles, joint pains in arms and legs, periodic sharp pain in the body

Sapium elliptcum

Common name: Jumping seed tree

Cures: Large spreading rashes on head and legs

Preparation & use: crush fresh leaves and boil in water. Let it cool. Drink the cooled liquid and bath with some of the cooled liquid.

Sesamum angolensis

Cures: hernia, diarrhea, increased heartbeat

Sida cuneifolia

Cures: coughs, simple fracture (broken bones)

Preparation & use for broken bones: Grind fresh leaves then use to massage the broken area

Sigesbeckia orientalis

Cures: skin infections, fungal infections, syphilis, stomach pain

Preparation and use for stomach pain: crush fresh leaves and soak in cold water. Strain and drink 1/2 glass once a day.

Spilanthes mauritania

Cures: mouth soars, diarrhea, stomach ache, gum and throat sores

Senna alata

Common name: Ringworm bush

Cures: Ring worms

Solanum incanum

Common name: Nightshade

Cures: boils

Preparation & use: roast a seed over fire then rub directly on the boil. The boil is later cut & the purse squeezed out.

Solanum lucopersicum

Common name: Tomato

Cures: ear infection

Preparation & use: Squeeze some fresh leaves between your fingers and hands. Drop the liquid generated directly into the infected ear.

Solanum nigrum

Common name: Black nightshade

Cures: 'white spot' in the eye

Preparation & use: Squeeze fresh leaves between your fingers and hands then drop the liquid generated into the eye (1-2 drops)

Solenostemon latifolius

Cures: Skin rashes

Preparation & use: crush fresh leaves and apply directly on the rashes

Solenostemon rotandifolius

Common name: Colus

Cures: skin rash, cough

Tamarindus indica L.

Common name: Tamarind

Cures: Typhoid fever

Preparation and use: get a few fruits and add water (shake well). add some honey and lemon juice. Drink 1/2 glass of the mixture three times a day

Tegetes minuta

Common name: Mexican merigold

Cures: stomachache, stomach worms (de-wormer)

Tithonia diversifolia

Cures: abdominal pain, malaria, fever

Vangueria apiculata

Cures: intestinal worms, stomachache

Vernonia lasiopus

Cures: fever

Preparation & use: crush fresh leaves & soak in cold water. strain & drink 1/2 glass of the bitter liquid once a day

Vernonia amygdalia (compositae/asteracaeae)

Cures: cures malaria, skin rashes (scabies)

Preparation & use: for rashes, crush fresh leaves in a basin of cold water and use to bathe entire body. For malaria, crush fresh leaves and soak in cold water. strain & drink the bitter liquid. alternatively, crush roots and boil in water for half an hour then let it cool. Strain and drink 1/2 glass of the liqud once a day.

Warburgia ugandensis

Cures: cough, backache, fungal infections

Zanthoxylum rubescens

Cures: malaria

Zingiber officinale

Common name: Ginger

Cures: cough, abdominal pain

Preparation & use: grind a reasonable amount of the rhizome then add warm water. Drink the liquid when it has cooled a little. Alternatively add the ground rhizome to tea and drink.